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It’s not often that you meet an amateur Asian girl that likes sex as hardcore as this. After seeing this Asian porn video, I quickly learned that she was a barrel of fun and wanted to see more. This is one of those Asia Movie Pass videos that you’ll want to watch over and over. Here’s what went down in this video. This girl was with these two guys in her bed. They spent a significant amount of time touching and kissing before getting really into crazy. She was a bit squirmish but wasn’t all that bad. In fact, once she was given the opportunity to really let go and open up both her mind and pussy, she was loving it all.  If this is the first time you’ve seen good Asian porn then I promise you it won’t be the last if you’re an Asian movie fan like myself. There’s literally hundreds of models on this site like this one and many more that you will learn to love. Watch a few free videos here!

Rio Hamasaki Featured in Awesome Japanlez Videos

If you’re not familiar with who Rio Hamasaki is, she’s one of the hottest girls in porn living in Asia. I’ve probably watched more than 50 videos that feature this busty beauty. My favorite scenes are those in which she’s featured in lesbian scenes with other Japanese women. One that quickly comes to mind is titled JAV Porn Students Hardcore Fuck 1 and 2.

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There’s another video I love called, Double Cast Lesbians Masturbation. Rio plays an innocent big tit girl from Asia in this video. It’s literally one of many lesbian porn clips that she’s been featured in!

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Who Is Rio Hamasaka?

If you’ve never heard of Rio Hamasaka, then you have no idea who the hottest porn girl from Asia might be! She’s an actress from Tokyo, Japan that was born on 08/11/1988. She’s known for her extremely large breasts and getting them sucked in crazy Japanlez videos. But that’s not all, in recent months Rio Hamasaka has been creating more Asian porn movies than ever before. In fact, she’s released hundreds of videos and I have about 75% of those videos.

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