Asian Schoolgirl Bukkake Session Ends In Cumshot

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This cute Japanese schoolgirl was acting up like crazy in the classroom the other day. She was doing everything you could possibly think of in terms of being bad. I mean everything! It wasn’t until the teacher threatened to keep her after school that she went from being bad to being down right dirty!

The teacher asked the Japanlez student if she was into taking loads of cum all over her face. Low and behold, she was very much into it. So much that she was begging the school teacher to jizz all over her pretty little head. It was like something you would see in a movie and nothing more!

If you’ve never had the opportunity to actually see how a Japanese student and teacher act with one another then you’ll want to see this. It’s pretty damn incredible I must say. I’ve only seen one other video like this in my entire life and it was also a part of the Asia Movie Pass network. Check out the video here and download the rest of the awesome clips at your leisure today.

Uncensored Japanese Porn of Music Student

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It’s no secret that it’s pretty difficult to find uncensored japanese porn. Most Asian porn videos are made and censored due to the government regulations. The good news is, I’ve got some videos that are as good as uncensored and they will make you cum for sure.  This particular video is of one student from Japan and she’s recently graduated from music school. Saying bye to her music career may have been the best move she’s ever made now that she’s blossoming into a popular porn star. Her name is Mika Kinoshita and she’s a small skinny Jap cutie that makes me want to cum in my pants. I’m not all that opposed to having sex with an Asian girl but this one gets me really excited! Mika wasted no time with one guy, she wanted to go straight into making a threesome video. Yes, she’s just another Asia Movie model but there’s something extra special about her. I guess you’ll have to watch the video to find out just how special she really is!

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JPop Girl Meisa Chibana Makes Porn History

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Meisa Chibana is a crazy jpop girl that is now well known for her talents on video. She’s did the unthinkable and decided to show off her G-Cup tits and pussy on video. Yes, I’m talking about my favorite JPop girl getting her pussy drilled on video over and over and she decided to film it all with the crew that runs In this particular video, Meisa ends up getting tied up in some sexy japanese bdsm action. While she is tied up, she ends up getting both toys and fingers inserted deeper than ever in her pussy. It doesn’t stop there, though. The JPop star makes her debut a big hit and even begs the gentleman filming to rub her pussy and panties. If I ever get a chance to fuck Meisa, I’m going to pound the living fuck out of this slutty busty Asian girl. This might be the biggest and most notably recognized JPop girl on the planet after doing this. I should probably make it known that Meisa is new to the JPop world and that’s why I’m making a big deal about this. It’s not because there aren’t any other JPop girls that have done crazy things. Many of them have done a lot of badass stuff, but nothing like this!

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Asian Teacher Porn Video of Yuki Touma Getting Fucked

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This filthy Asian teacher loves having sex with anyone that will bang her. She especially enjoys fucking her horny students in the classroom. The teachers name is Yuki Touma and she might be my new favorite Asian girl. There’s nothing more fun than having a tight Asian teacher’s pussy wrapped around your cock. Trust me on this, I’ve had sex with over a dozen Asian women and they are simply the best.

The problem is, her pussy is so tight it takes a while to get her nice and wet so you can fucking pound her pussy. I don’t know how these two ended up in the classroom alone. That’s really not that important. What is important is that Yuki showed her student what it’s like to fuck a real woman. She starts by sucking the students cock and even has some really good deepthroating skills. Yuki is wearing a super sexy outfit here too. One that just makes her big tits bust out like I’ve never seen. Anyway, back to the video, this Asian teacher takes dick every which way and does a fantastic job of servicing her student. What I really like about this video is the cum facial that she takes. It’s probably the most wonderful thing I’ve seen all week. However, she’s not the only hot asian teacher that we have on video, Japanlez has more than 10,000+ videos of dirty Asian women getting fucked in numerous situations. Some are far more extreme than others. Don’t take my word for it though. Join the site and watch all our Asian porn videos!

Japanese Anal First Time Porn Video

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This sexy girl from Japan might be featured in some of the most impressive japanese anal porn that I’ve ever seen. It’s the second hd asian porn that I’ve seen this week and I think this one has officially satisified my taste buds for good. The models name is Karina Yasuda and she’s by far the cutest Asian girl I’ve ever seen. The best part is that she’s literally debuting in porn in this video and she’s doesn’t let anyone down here at all. For example, she can be seen getting her teen tits for starters and that just the beginning. Once she gets completely naked, Karina gets her pussy licked until she cums all over the place. But that’s still not enough, it gets even better when she decides to take it in her tight asshole. The beauty of a perfect Japanese anal video like those at Japanlez is that in every single one that’s a part of the Japan Lez Movie Pass, you’ll get to watch them over and over as many times as you want and they all cum ever single time!

Amateur Asian Porn Slut In Hardcore Video

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It’s not often that you meet an amateur Asian girl that likes sex as hardcore as this. After seeing this Asian porn video, I quickly learned that she was a barrel of fun and wanted to see more. This is one of those Asia Movie Pass videos that you’ll want to watch over and over. Here’s what went down in this video. This girl was with these two guys in her bed. They spent a significant amount of time touching and kissing before getting really into crazy. She was a bit squirmish but wasn’t all that bad. In fact, once she was given the opportunity to really let go and open up both her mind and pussy, she was loving it all.  If this is the first time you’ve seen good Asian porn then I promise you it won’t be the last if you’re an Asian movie fan like myself. There’s literally hundreds of models on this site like this one and many more that you will learn to love. Watch a few free videos here!

Squirting Asia Orgasm Climax Video

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Asian girls are so cute and they have the tightest pussies ever. Especially sexy asian girl Yura Aikawa. She’s got a little bush and loves getting fucked as hard as possible pased on what I’ve seen on video. Even better, she’s a huge fan of taking cumshots to the face! I personally prefer when she dresses up like a horny maid and begs for cock.

If you think this is rather typical of the sexy japan lez girls then you’re absolutely correct, it really is! Especially since there are thousands of girls on our Japan porn site, you’re bound to find one that you love. Given that I’m a huge fan of hardcore sex and squirting, so this update is one of my favorites for sure. It’s not the only squirting update either. Yura Aikawa and a few other busty girls from Asia can be seen squirting all over the place and guzzling cum for hours like a typical Asian cum bucket. That’s just scratching the surface. Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself!

Japanese Adult Video Star Rin Aoki Gangbang

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Have you ever been in a gangbang with a big titted Asian girl? I have and it’s incredible. Talk about a rush! This busty cutie Rin Aoki decided to get together with her favorite black guys that she knew were hung with huge cocks. Rin likes big black dick and one isn’t enough for her. The gangbang starts out with Rin Aoki getting her huge tits sucked before opening her legs and exposing her hairy pussy. She’s definitely one of the top Japanlez models when it comes to having huge tits and being featured in an Asian black interracial porn. One thing that did shock me was that Rin was a cum sucking pro. I’d never seen her swallow a load like this until I saw this video.

Now, if you had the chance to fuck this naughty busty girl with a few of your closest friends or perhaps with another Asian girl for a fun Japan experience wouldn’t you do it? Of course, who wouldn’t right!

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Japanese Femdom Porn Featuring Mizusawa Nono

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Every so often, I enjoy indulging in one of the many perfect Japanese femdom videos. The good news is that the options are almost infinite today. One of my favorite videos is titled, Female Dominatrix Bondage Queen 1 and it’s some of the crazies Asian femdom footage you’ve ever seen. The video features Japanese model Mizusawa Nono doing various acts such as bondage, femdom, wearing latex and showing off her legs and ass. Her outfit is more than top notch and the best part, this video clip is 40 minutes long and the entire scene is about 120 minutes long. If you like petite sexy Asian girls then you’ll love this DVD for sure. The one thing that I can say about this absolutely incredible porn is that if you’re a fan of handjobs and latex, then this is a video you won’t want to miss. One final thing I should mention, if you’re worried about running out of content, you should stop immediately! There are literally thousands of hours of footage that Japanlez has for you to enjoy.

Rio Hamasaki Featured in Awesome Japanlez Videos

If you’re not familiar with who Rio Hamasaki is, she’s one of the hottest girls in porn living in Asia. I’ve probably watched more than 50 videos that feature this busty beauty. My favorite scenes are those in which she’s featured in lesbian scenes with other Japanese women. One that quickly comes to mind is titled JAV Porn Students Hardcore Fuck 1 and 2.

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There’s another video I love called, Double Cast Lesbians Masturbation. Rio plays an innocent big tit girl from Asia in this video. It’s literally one of many lesbian porn clips that she’s been featured in!

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Who Is Rio Hamasaka?

If you’ve never heard of Rio Hamasaka, then you have no idea who the hottest porn girl from Asia might be! She’s an actress from Tokyo, Japan that was born on 08/11/1988. She’s known for her extremely large breasts and getting them sucked in crazy Japanlez videos. But that’s not all, in recent months Rio Hamasaka has been creating more Asian porn movies than ever before. In fact, she’s released hundreds of videos and I have about 75% of those videos.

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